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Welcome to the B&A blog. Here is where we periodically write about select custom woodworking projects.

  • Oh, Canada? No problem! We Ship Our Media Consoles to Canada.

    Did you know we ship our custom media consoles to Canada? Now you do!
  • This Custom Media Console is Just What the Doctor Ordered

    This custom media console in the Horizon style has all the great AV features you come to expect from B&A. It also comes with a twist. Read on to find out what makes this Horizon different from all others!
  • This Custom Media Console was a Tall Order

    We recently took the Majestic to new heights for customer back for his second Majestic. We built his king-size custom media console using top grade Pennsylvania Black Walnut solid lumber. Read on for more details!
  • Home Theater? Check. Home Libary? Why Not!

    Much of our online reputation centers around building top-notch solid wood media consoles loved by customers near and far. What you may not know is that B&A Woodworks also does carpentry work for customers who are ... near. Take this custom library we built inside an area renovated farmhouse.

  • These Custom Audio Towers are a Match Made in Pennsylvania ... and Headed to Vegas

    As the lead craftsman for Standout Designs for many years, Standout Designs customers have engaged me to build additional pieces now that Standout ...
  • Mission Possible: A Custom Wood Media Console in Mission Style

    This client wanted a mission/arts and craft style, solid wood media console that would fit her audio-video equipment, fit her space, and fit with her other room furnishings. Mission accepted!