Meet Brian Adams


I trace my passion for woodworking back to visits with my grandparents as a young boy. Antiques filled their home and my grandmother shared with me what made each piece so unique and special. I marveled in particular at what long ago artisans had crafted from wood with only the most basic hand tools. From the hand-cut dovetails to through mortise and tenon joints, every part in these long-lasting pieces fit perfectly. 

I have been a woodworker for as long as I have been old enough to handle the tools. I began by doing small projects with my father in the woodshop he set up in our garage. I was instantly hooked. During high school, I arrived early each morning just to spend a little extra time in the shop there. Following graduation, I worked at a commercial woodshop, honing and expanding my skills. A few years later, I collaborated again with my father — only this time for over a decade in our own commercial custom woodshop. 

My talents next took me to a relatively large furniture manufacturer, where I worked for several years as the lead custom furniture maker. From there I moved on to a smaller woodshop closer to home, allowing me more time with my family. I began there as the senior craftsman, building a wide range of custom wood pieces for homes, businesses, and universities. Custom media consoles were a specialty. Eventually, I was tasked with overseeing the entire operation as well. 

In 2020, the time came to answer the question, “What’s next?” For over three decades, woodworking had been my passion, custom wood furniture projects in particular. That passion continues to this day. For me, there is nothing more exhilarating than transforming a customer’s vision from words to paper to wood. It is my life’s work. So, with the encouragement and support of my high school sweetheart turned wife Amiee, I launched B & A Woodworks.

Do you have a custom woodworking project in mind for your home, business, school, or organization? I would love to hear all about it. Or perhaps you've heard about our media consoles.

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