Book matched Beauty

Book matched Beauty

Every order of solid lumber we receive into our shop holds a special surprise. One of our online store customers from Texas was the beneficiary of this extra special stack of solid walnut. Since all of the solid wood we order in comes in the rough-cut form, the first step of every project is to lightly plane every board so that we can see the true gain pattern and color of each piece. This is the only way to ensure that every panel we glue together has the best possible color and grain match. Upon the start of this project, we came across two extra wide boards and immediately noticed the were cut from the same log. The grain was both bold and beautiful. We instantly knew that these two boards had to be the top of this console and had to be book-matched together. Book matching is basically when the log is sliced in half and then opened up like a book. It creates an almost mirrored look. This is the kind of special attention that we give to every media console we build at B&A Woodworks. This is the kind of special attention you won't get from the overseas, mass-produced media console manufacturers.                                             Besides the undeniable beauty of the wood, this special console also included many of the features that make our consoles stand above the rest. Constructed in the Horizon style, it boasts our generous air slot venting throughout, wire management grommet holes, hidden casters, one Airplate T9 cooling fan with side mounted controller and an adjustable turntable pull-out shelf. It's easy to see why this quickly became one of our favorite pieces. So much so that I had to keep it hidden from my wife as she threatened to keep it for herself! Ultimately, I did manage to get it crated up and out to our awesome customer before it disappeared.

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