Oh, Canada? No problem! We Ship Our Media Consoles to Canada.

Oh, Canada? No problem! We Ship Our Media Consoles to Canada.

Our neighbors to the north are known for many great things, including, for example, great loudspeakers by Paradigm Speakers. And thanks to our relationship with FedEx Freight, shipping to Canada is no problem.

This customer was working with Standout Designs on a custom console prior to the pandemic. Much to the customer's delight, B&A was ready, willing, and able to deliver ... to Canada.

Here's the custom media console. While the Standard Horizon media console design features flat drawer fronts, the customer wanted panel and frame drawer fronts that mirror the style of the doors.

 custom Horizon solid wood media console with panel and frame drawer fronts

The custom media console features a center channel speaker grill and pull-out shelf. To show off his gear, this customer opted for clear door glass.

Custom Horizon Cherry Media Console Made in USA

To keep his gear cool, this customer opted for AC Infinity temperature-controlled fans with the digital control panel mounted on the side of the cabinet.

Back View of Custom Horizon with AC Infinity Airplate Cooling Fans

B&A custom media consoles -- Made in USA and shipped to Canada!

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