This Custom Media Console is Just What the Doctor Ordered

This Custom Media Console is Just What the Doctor Ordered

This beautiful custom solid wood media console now resides in Memphis, TN. The customer, a doctor, had long thought about buying a Standout Designs console.

As you may know, I oversaw the building of thousands of solid wood media consoles for Standout Designs prior to setting up B&A shortly after the shop that supplied Standout closed during the COVID pandemic. This customer was relieved to know that not only could B&A build him a Horizon media console but that we could build him the exact Horizon console he envisioned.

Here's how the project went. He sent me a detailed list of requirements, I sent him a sketch to approve, and, a day later, we began work. Here's the final product:

Solid Cherry Media Console with Pocket Doors Made in USa

If you know the Horizon media console style, the first thing that leaps out at you in the photo above are the dimensions. This custom Horizon is much taller and much narrower and designed to perfectly house this customer's center channel speaker. As an added twist, the doors are pocket doors with raised wood panels instead of glass. 

Solid Cherry Custom Media Console with Pocket Doors Made in USA

Here is the back view. No surprises here. The back panels are removable. The custom options for twin-fan AC Infinity Airplate cooling fans with the controllers mounted on the rear (while we often place controllers on the side for ease of access, in this case, rear mounts made sense given the space in which the media console would be placed). The low vents in the back panels provide additional air intake.

Solid Cherry Tall Custom Media Console TV Stand Made in USA

This custom solid wood media console truly is just what the doctor ordered!

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